a digital marketing agency that makes words pay.

Our Specialties

Ayiam Digital Marketing provides marketing expertise to businesses and entrepreneurs.


Anyone can write copy, but not all words pay. Whether creating sales letters, website content or other collateral, our copywriters are obsessed with your ROI.


Words alone won’t increase sales and build brands, but many years of expertise will. We’ll help your company get more sales, without spending more cash.


For prospective customers, a company’s first impression is usually the last. Does your marketing collateral attract more dust than new clientele? Give us a buzz.


Online marketing is very competitive. Your campaign is just a few words from profitability, or eminent failure. Don’t gamble away your budget. Win with us.

Our Company

Ayiam was (officially) founded in 2015 by a team of passionate, ROI-driven marketing specialists.
Based in Burbank California, we serve clients worldwide.

Ayiam is not your typical digital agency. Founded by a top-notch team of copywriters, marketing specialists, and other high-caliber talent, we can do what others can't.

While many agencies fancy quirky sales angles and witty wordplay, we understand that art doesn't equate to sales. But expertise, high-quality copy, strategy and split testing DOES.

The creative team at Ayiam Digital has over 10 years of experience providing sales-boosting content and marketing strategy, to over 100 companies worldwide; from small mom-and-pop businesses to major industry players.

Whether you've tried the rest or just want the best, Ayiam Digital Marketing is ready.


Meet our Team

The crew at Ayiam Digital are friendly, skilled, and driven to get results that align with your business.
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Marrissa Walsh

Business Development Diva
When she’s not chewing our heads off for not becoming absolute workaholics like her, Marrissa can be found locked in the office, hunting fresh business opportunities. She won’t let us tell how many years of experience she has, because “that would reveal her age.”
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Jarvis Edwards

Copywriter Extraordinaire & S.D.R
Carrying the title as senior copywriter of Ayiam, Jarvis battles mediocre text with combinations of heavy-weighted words. Since he claims to love writing so much, we offload most of our copywriting jobs into his lap. Too bad— that’s what he gets for playing big shot.
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Raymond Mackie

Fearless Founder
Raymond is the CTO and founder of Ayiam, with over 15 of years experience building profitable companies. But he isn’t as fun as you’d think. Unless sitting behind a desk 24/7, obsessing over ROI and trying to rule the galaxy is your definition of a party.
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Selena Lorraine

Project Management Maven
Selena has over 15 years of experience leading teams to positive outcomes. By day, she puts her neck on the line to ensure our clients are happy, and all facets of their projects run smoothly, on-budget and on time. By night? Well, um, we have no clue because “that information is private.”


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