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What Do ALL Successful Marketing Campaigns Have in Common?

It isn’t pretty graphics.  There’s far too much “ugly” marketing material consistently raking in large bucks.

It isn’t loads of cash. A vast percentage of startups burn through cash faster than they can get it.

And most startups still close their doors within 5 years.

Couldn’t possibly be talent. There are more failed businesses run by talented people than there are rocks in the soil.

So what’s the real “secret” hiding in the belly of every company’s cash cow? The common denominator behind every marketingpowerhouse that you can’t afford to skimp on?

What separates six-figure campaigns from struggling concepts that never break the ice? 


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Ayiam Digital wasn’t created to provide just copywriting services.

We focus on converting written text into benefits for your company. Whether you’re seeking higher conversions, an increase in sales, attracting more subscribers or even raising awareness for your brand—we focus on quantifiable results.

So if you can’t blink twice before outsourcing bundles of your company’s hard-earned revenue to flakes, inexperienced freelancers, content mills or ‘award-winning’ marketing agencies, perhaps you’ve come to the wrong place.

ROI or Die. That’s our unwritten slogan.

Reliability, accountability and results are the building blocks and the foundation on which our firm was built.

Yes, we built our company around the written word; the ability to spin words into income. And yes, we are selective in choosing the companieswe work with and the projects we take on.

We’d rather stop doing business than to over-promise and under-deliver.  

Before taking on a client or beginning a project, we qualify each company to guarantee the organization and project scope are in alignment with our unique skill-sets, company goals, vision and culture.

Furthermore, with a gifted team behind each word and every piece of marketing collateral we produce, we guarantee our results will meet orexceed your expectations.

Now without further adieu, take a look at the variety of services we provide.

Digital Strategy

Ad campaign copywriting & strategy
Direct response copywriting & strategy
Website/landing page conversion optimization
Campaign audit and optimization


Landing pages
Online ad copy
Product descriptions
Sales letters
Sales pages

Content & Collateral

Case studies
Feature articles
Press releases
Website content

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