How We Work


Let’s talk about how we work over here at Ayiam.

Once you express interest in working with us, either by requesting a Free Quote or by contacting us through other channels, you’ll receive an information packet shortly thereafter. This information packet  will contain full details on our process, our offerings, pricing, our terms of service, and other pertinent information.

After we’ve had the opportunity to evaluate your project criteria in detail (within 24 hours), we’ll quickly follow up with an estimated project cost and estimated completion date. Once we’ve mutually agreed on the terms and fine details, we can move forward with getting started on your project!

Our policy strongly states: prior to beginning any work, we require a “good faith” deposit, which is based on a percentage of the estimated overall project cost.

When our team begins working on your project, we will provide momentary updates or “milestones” to ensure we are going in the right direction, and that you are satisfied with our progress so far. We will also update you with any information or advice that we feel is pertinent in getting the highest ROI for your company or project.

Once the project has been completed, we will seek final approval from you/your company to confirm whether or not the project was completed satisfactorily.

After signing off on successful project completion, the remaining total of the project cost is due and payable according to the terms initially agreed upon.

But wait—our relationship doesn’t end after we’ve finished your project(s). We continue to work on your behalf, in the ‘background,’ assisting  with content marketing and strategy, at no extra cost.

We stay focused 24/7 on getting the highest ROI from your marketing dollars, while you concentrate on what you do best.

Try us and see for yourself!

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